Blogging Molly

Here it is. I gave in. I am now the "author" of a blog. Coincidentally, I'm starting to think the name Molly is super cool and wish it was my name just so I could call my blog "Blogging Molly" (sadly the best I could do is a post with the title). I'm not really sure how I feel about the whole blog thing though. I read some of my friend's blogs, but the idea that there are people out there who are famous because they write about how to get a ketchup stain out of a silk blouse is a little weird to me (I don't actually know of such a blog, but if you find one let me know!). But when I think about it, it totally makes sense that people like these things because HELLO!? Didn't we all try to sneak a peak at our sister's diaries at some point in our childhood? Blogs are diaries, only it's the stuff we want people to read. The stuff that we want to share with people that maybe no one will listen to otherwise.

So why am I doing this? Who knows really. I mean, Ritz Valle told me I should start a blog because she thinks it would be humorous, and we all know that doing something for the approval of someone else is totally acceptable. ;) Actually I had been thinking about it, so Ritz only confirmed what was already running through my little head.

In truth, this blog could be amazing (I can stop excessively tweeting my random thoughts and start blogging them instead!) or it can be disastrous. As in, it takes me ten minutes just to write a text message that says "Ok" because I overanalyze and edit everything about five times before sending/posting/tweeting, etc. I'm hoping this will change that and also stretch my brain in the writing department. I guess here goes nothing...