Ewing Wedding Highlights - Austin, TX

This wedding y’all. First of all, Hannah and Darius are just awesome people all around, and their energy and style are unmatched. But beyond that, I feel like the Lord keeps giving me new creative energy and is pushing me to try new things. This video is 1. my longest highlights video ever, and 2. the first time I’ve used more than one song in a highlights. This is the norm for a lot of wedding videos, but a first for me. I think it came out pretty awesome.

This wedding also had two of my most favorite moments to ever capture on video. The blessing over Hannah and Darius by the entire wedding was such a beautiful moment, and one that I knew immediately while filming that I wanted to include. The final song of the night was also a special one, as the entire wedding party gathered in a giant circle to sing “Rivers and Roads” together. I knew it was a special moment, but I didn’t know I was going to incorporate it into the video until I played it back and heard the crowd singing. (Pro tip: choose a final song that is meaningful to you and your crew. The memories you’ll make from that are irreplaceable.)

I loved getting to edit this video and getting to know Hannah and Darius through it. Congrats to the Ewings!