Fagin Wedding Highlights - Dallas, TX

One of the greatest things I can ask for as a wedding filmmaker is a couple who values their wedding video as much as I do. Connor and Miranda made my job so easy with their excitement for the video and letting me get the shots I needed to without hesitation! They were both so laid back throughout their day, and you can literally see in their expressions just how crazy these two are for each other! Their wedding was gorgeous and fun from beginning to end, and I struggled to not jump in and join them on the dance floor at the end of the night.

One thing Connor and Miranda mentioned was that they were selective about music, so I sent them some song options to choose from and made sure the song for this video fit them and their personalities. I hadn't used this song in forever because it's actually too short for my normal length highlights video, but with some sneaky editing I managed to make it work and I am sooo glad it did! This song is one of my favorites and I think it hits every emotional moment of their day so perfectly. Congrats to the Fagins!

Emilee GuidorziComment