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Bankston Wedding Highlights - San Antonio, TX

Have you ever been to a wedding with a group of theater friends, a Santa Clause, and a full on glowstick rave? No? Well then you have been missing out my friend, because that is exactly what made Lilly and Justin's wedding so dang fun!

Lilly and I met in high school while working at Six Flags as costume characters. She played Tweety Bird, I played Daffy Duck. Even though we hadn't seen each other in years, I was super flattered when she reached out to me to film her wedding day. The wedding was Christmas themed, which, if you've ever been to downtown San Antonio at Christmas time, is the perfect romantic theme. And since Justin and Lilly met through theater, many of their guests were theater friends who knew how to party and tear up a dance floor. (Basically, my kind of people.) I had so much fun filming these two and their friends, and I wish them all the best in their marriage. Cheers to the Bankstons!