I'm a filmmaker living and working in Austin, Texas. This reel is a compilation of my work spanning across the board as an editor, director, producer, cinematographer, and camera operator. Though some are a few years old, these are the works I am most proud to have been a part of. Emilee Guidorzi Contact: emilee.guidorzi@gmail.com Website: www.emileejo.com Films (in order of appearance) and my production roles: "Deidox: Murat" dir. Tim Chew - Co-producer, Assistant editor "Love to Kibera" dir. Chelsea Shay-Laning - Editor, Camera assistant "Seat M8 Series" dir. Jeremy Rodgers - Editor "100 People: 1 & 2" dir. Jeremy Rodgers - Editor, Camera assistant "November 13th" dir. Emilee Guidorzi - Director, Cinematographer All wedding footage dir. Steve Husmann - Camera operator