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Dunn Wedding Highlights - The Woodlands, TX

I'm not sure how I get so lucky to find such beautiful couples with such beautiful weddings, but Stacey and Kevin were no exception. Stacey was seriously the most stunning (and fun!) bride ever, and I couldn't get over how sweet she and Kevin were together. Their venue and decor, down to the smallest details (their napkins had "relationship fun facts" printed on them), were so perfect. And just wait until you see the footage from the wedding party bus! This couple was so fun and such a joy to film. Wishing all the best to the Dunns!

Dimmitt Wedding Highlights - The Woodlands, TX

Hallie and Dillman's wedding was one of those weddings that, despite being absolutely gorgeous, didn't need anything fancy to make it special. Their sweet love for their friends, family, and each other was so evident, and there was hardly ever a moment where they weren't smiling. Their wedding overflowed with a joy and love for each other, but most importantly, it demonstrated a love for the Lord and the gospel. (Try not to get all weepy during the vows!) Congrats to the Dimmitts!

Dimmitt/Pierce Wedding Preview - The Woodlands, TX

Eep! Hallie and Dillman's wedding was so stunning, and the forest surrounding the chapel made for the dreamiest first look setting. I feel so lucky to have captured these precious moments between these two, and I can't wait to finish up their wedding video. Congrats Hallie and Dillman!