Martinez Wedding Highlights - Austin, TX

It’s been a hot minute since I shared on here! But that’s only because the last two months have been extremely busy with work work work. I have several Christmas family shoots I have yet to share here, some corporate client projects coming up, plus several back to back weddings I shot in November that I’m wrapping up in the next few weeks. The first of which is the Martinez wedding!

Becky and Adrian’s entire wedding day was centered around their commitment to each other and to the Lord. In asking them about what they wanted out of their video, Becky emphasized the importance of their vows. I had no idea how beautifully written and personal their vows would be, and once I heard them I knew they needed a video that was as romantic and epic as the promises they made to each other. Their vows are everything, and are truly what makes this video great. Just be sure to have the tissues handy! ;)

Wright Wedding Preview - Dallas, TX

Goodness, where do I start with these two?! Madison and Jeff are just about the sweetest couple you’ll meet, and their story (they are high school sweethearts!) is about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Their friends and family were so supportive of them throughout the entire day, and when it came time to celebrate, their crew did not disappoint! One of my favorite parts of the whole evening was when everyone gathered in a circle around the bride and groom and showered them in confetti! It was all of my videographer dreams come true!

I could not be more thrilled for these two to start this new journey together, and I can’t wait to edit their highlights video. Congrats to the newly Wrights!

Bass Wedding Preview - Horseshoe Bay, TX

I’m so excited to finally share the teaser from the OTHER wedding I shot last weekend (yes, I shot two back to back weddings)! Megan and Andrew were married at the beautiful Escondido Golf Club and Resort, and everything about their day, from the florals to the desserts, was breathtaking. Just wait until you see the gorgeous grand entrance Megan makes as she walks down the aisle! Seriously, these two were so amazing to work with, and they are beautiful inside and out. Congrats to the newly Basses!

Martinez Wedding Preview - Austin, TX

I’m sooo excited to share this wedding preview with you, not only because Becky and Adrian are the absolute sweetest couple alive, but because this teaser is a bit of a new vibe for me! I’ve been really wanting to push myself creatively with my editing and music selection, and a teaser seemed like a great opportunity to get to do that. Becky and Adrian had some great taste in music (they did their recessional to a song by Trip Lee), and I kept thinking of a line from Adrian’s vows to Becky, “Like Lebron and Kyrie in 2016”. That was what inspired this teaser, and I hope it captures the fun spirit of these two and their wedding day!